Why Working With A Real Estate Agent In Florida May Not Be For You

Most people who are looking to sell their home assume that a real estate agent is the best route to take. 

Sales generally happen using an agent, but that doesn’t mean you have to use one. There are several reasons why working with a real estate agent in Florida may not be for you. 

Real Estate Agents are Expensive 

The biggest reason sellers choose to go solo is the potential to save money. Real estate agents in Florida make around five percent of the home’s price in commission. By not using an agent, you may be able to benefit financially from the sale. 

Dealing With a Middleman is Unproductive 

Choosing to eliminate a real estate agent means cutting out the middleman. You will have the luxury of dealing directly with potential buyers. You won’t have to depend on someone else to relay messages or waste time waiting for callbacks. You can be sure that your voice is heard and your needs are met. 

It’s a Seller’s Market 

For several years, sellers had a hard time moving their homes off the market due to the burst of the housing bubble. Today, the market has moved in the seller’s favor. Florida homes are selling faster than ever, with or without an agent. 

You Can Do Your Own Research and Marketing

One of the main roles of an agent is to help sellers price their homes in a range that attracts buyers. Currently, there are innumerable resources to help you do this on your own. Anyone can access the Multiple Listing Service to compare properties in their area and determine a competitive price. 

The internet also makes it possible for you to do your own marketing with ease. You don’t need an agent to put your home on an online listing platform. You can also utilize social media to effectively promote your home. 

Tips for Selling Your Home Without a Realtor 

  1. Set a realistic price – Do plenty of research to determine a competitive and realistic price.
  1. Get the home ready for showing – Prepare to display your home at its very best. You will need to clean, rearrange furniture, declutter, and stage your home properly for listing.
  1. Hire a photographer – Hiring a photographer to take bright and professional photos of your house will catch the attention of buyers who are scrolling through listings.
  1. Give a detailed description of your home – Your listing should include all the basics, such as price, location, age, square footage, and the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. You should also highlight any extras or improvements your home offers.
  1. Advertise – There are plenty of online platforms for you to list your home. It’s a good idea to use multiple sites. Share the link to your listing on social media platforms as well.
  1. Answer inquiries and negotiate the sale – Stay in consistent contact with potential buyers and decide what negotiations you will entertain. 

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